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Listen to our heartbeats~

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Spread love, not hate~ 2PM lovers

About us
We're here because we're 2PM fans. Originally we wanted to create this community just for our special gift project for 2PM members, but we've decided to create the community where all fans could freely support 2PM. We want to co-operate with other supporting sites. If you want to put your banner here, just ask. If you need any help, tell us. We'll try our best to help you. Let's work together~
Our aim is to show love, respect and support to our beloved 2PM. Nothing more, nothing less. Let's show our love together~

We are not biased, we are neutral. We don't care about reasons, we don't blame Jay, we don't blame 2PM. We respect both sides, they're humans, just like us. Everyone's humas first and we should respect eachothers. We don't disrespect anyone and we won't show any disrespect here. We are asking you for do the same.

2PM, with or without Jay, made us feel good so many times. They deserve to have fans, to receive support. We also can make them feel good.
They're our beloved boys, we should not let them fall.

Mods: pandzia, tvxq_soulmate

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2. Seriously... NO BASHING :)

3. We made this community to spread love, not hate. To make it clear - we support Jay as well as we support 2PM. So this rule says: SPREAD LOVE.

4. Be polite. Don't use so-called bad words :) Feel fee to post your thoughts here, but remember about other's feelings too. We want civilised discusions here, so if we would think that your post could hurt other's feelings or cause a fight, we might ask you to edit your post or delete it permanently.

5. If you want to post here, please - don't forget to use tags. U can create your own tags, but they should be simple (for example 'audio', 'video', 'Wooyoung', not 'I love Junho's butt'). So - USE TAGS. It's easier to find stuff when you have tags list :)

6. Please, use lj-cuts as well. We also want main site to look pretty :) So if you wrote essay, please put it into lj-cut.

7. We think that if you already joined this community, you really want to show your love and support. We think that if you're a fan, we don't have to tell you what to do. We believe you're smart enough :) But please remember about our rules, esp. rules 1-4. We will be very strict if someone will break them.

Feel free to ask us about anything :)