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[news] 101211 Why Taekyeon has been criticized for canceling his green card?

It was recently announced that 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon (22) gave up his American permanent residence visa and intends on enlisting into active duties.

Back in 2008, Taecyeon received the mandatory physical examination to check which military level he is eligible for. At the time, results concluded that Taecyeon was only suitable as a public service personnel (Level 4).

JYP Entertainment revealed that the current sensitive atmosphere around war and the military made a great impact on Taecyeon, and he decided to give up his Green Card in order to voluntarily enter the active military.

Many fans applauded Taecyeon for his bravery, and through this, his image as a ‘beast idol’ was reinforced once again.

However, the general public seem to think otherwise on this case. Many have voiced out, “A permanent residence visa is only something that permits you legal residence in America, it has a different meaning to an American citizenship.”

“He did not cancel his permanent residence visa to go to the army, but to earn money in Korea, thus for his own personal profits. For someone who has no intention of living in America, then of course their permanent residence visa would be stripped off them.”

Another highly popular comment that was posted regarding this issue read,

“Listen carefully everyone. People with a permanant residence visa and not citizenship must enlist into the army anyway. That’s why Ok Taecyeon underwent an examination and received a Level 4 public service personnel status. Because of the change in atmosphere, it seems like he changed to active duty, but whether he gives up his permanent residence visa or not, if he doesn’t have citizenship, he must go to the army. People are talking like he’s a cool guy who gave up his American citizenship to go to the army like Shinhwa’s Andy did. He had to go to the army right from the beginning.”

JYP Entertainment expressed, “He made this decision from personal matters. There are no relations to external circumstances.”

Source: NewsenWorldwide Daily News
credit AKP

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